i’m back with one of my favorite posts, y’all. ¬†ūüôā ¬†we all need a little monday morning inspiration!

optimism. ¬†so little of it goes around these days. ¬†our lives are inundated with negativity, hatred, vitriol. ¬†but here’s the thing, babes. ¬†at the end of our lives, when we’re looking back and reminiscing, it won’t be the negativity we remember. ¬†we’ll remember that first kiss on a tequila night with the person we’ve had a crush on for years. ¬†we’ll remember the first time our nephew recognized us and their little face lit up with excitement. ¬†we’ll remember the time we bought our mom tickets to see one of her favorite bands. ¬†we’ll remember giggling in the bathroom with our best friend, or at breakfast with our sisters.

chase those moments, y’all. ¬†don’t let the negativity of the world keep you from filling your heart with love and laughter. ¬†because here’s the thing, the sun always rises. ¬†every morning we get a fresh start, a new day, a chance to chase our dreams. ¬†and isn’t that a gift?