it’s friday!!!

i’m so glad it’s friday, y’all.  the last few days have been emotionally taxing.  i don’t think i can sit one more day calmly in front of my computer screen.

i think i’m having a really hard time with everything going on in the public sphere because there are certain people in my life whom i love and respect, who don’t understand where i’m coming from, why i wouldn’t want someone like kavanaugh to serve on the supreme court, why i wouldn’t want someone like 45 to be our current president, why that’s what i’m more concerned with than how pervasive dishonesty and greed is throughout the ranks of those highest in power in our government.

truth is, i’m a woman.  i’m a woman with brown skin.  i’m a woman with brown skin and a spanish last name.  who lives in a very red state.  and i’m afraid for our future.  i’m afraid for my children’s future.

i’m afraid that civility and respect are out the window.  i’m pained that other people of color have to constantly live in fear of their lives.  i think i may have been racially profiled the other day, and it was a harrowing, eye opening experience.  one i laughed about with my family later, but i realized that i finally experienced what immigrants may go through in their every day lives.  and if i wasn’t racially profiled, then i was probably sexually harassed by a man who, by nature of his job, has more power than i do.

i’m afraid that those people i mentioned earlier and i no longer have common ground.  i still love and respect them, but i’ve forgotten how to talk to them.  i want to save the world, and protect the underprivileged and oppressed, and show up for them every single day, and i want those people next to me when i do it.  but they aren’t.

it’s a shock to my core.  and my perception of my world.

i’m hoping to recharge this weekend.  and find a little joy in the upcoming fall season, fall decor, fall fashion.  we have football on the agenda, and i think i’m going to have to make my favorite chili recipe.

i hope you have a happy, safe, recharging weekend, loves.


  • amaretto sours used to be my drink of choice my senior year of college (thought i was so cool and elevated upgrading from a jack & coke, hahaha).  might need to try out this recipe with the holiday season coming quickly upon us.
  • because we all know i’m obsessed with crime dramas, i had to check out this list of “the best crime dramas to watch on netflix” from the everygirl.  i’ve seen about half of them, and am currently adding the other half to my queue, now.
  • so inspired by all the fall decor out there!  it doesn’t feel very much like fall outside, but it would be nice to at least make our house look like it does!  i especially love how alyson haley used leopard print and warm colors to make her home feel more cozy!
  • i’ve been hardcore looking for latina bloggers in san antonio to follow, because while i love each and every one of the accounts i currently follow, i still want to see fashion and stories from women who look like me, and live where i live (or at least in close proximity).  🙂  so, if you know of any, please send them my way in the comments below!
  • want.  //  need.

it’s friday!!!

on top of the world.

this week after my cousin’s wedding and our long vacation in the pnw has been rough.  i’m exhausted in a way i haven’t been in a while, and i’m having a hard time getting back to my daily routines.

i also feel refreshed in a way that i haven’t felt in a long time.  and that is worth any kind of jet lag or post-vacation blues i am feeling now.

i almost forgot how much i love going up north.  i was a northeast girl for five years (college and one year post-college) and every time i head north i am reminded of how green it is.  down here in texas, we have that bright blue, wide open sky, and beautiful hill country, but up north, it’s just canopy after canopy of green, green trees, and specifically in seattle and portland (where we spent last week), gorgeous views of the mountains.

it’s enough to make this nomad-girl’s heart flutter.

also, it was a week without serious allergies (how with all that greenery up there is beyond me, but i’m not asking any questions!), which i am paying for now!  but worth it, so worth it.

i’ll try to remember to share photos and stories from our trip.  we tried some really great food and did all the touristy things.  plus my cousin made for an absolutely beautiful bride, and we are all too happy to welcome her husband (eeeeek!) into our family!

i may not be on vacation anymore, but i’m really excited for this weekend.  hopefully i can recharge, but let’s be honest, my best friend is coming home for the weekend with her honey bunny and we are going to be taking in the UTSA football game and getting our food and drink on.  can’t wait to see her, she moved to houston about two months ago, so it’s been that long since i’ve seen her!

other than that, i’ll be half-marathon training, and trying not to buy any more books or clothes 🙂 but NO promises!

have a happy weekend, loves.


  • revamping my closet (again) and i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend (or mom) jeans (because doesn’t anyone else get tired of trying to stuff their large calves into skinny jeans?  no?  just me?).  found these via the sister studio‘s IG story and i’m a true believer.  these are comfy, stretchy, fun, and right now they’re just under $20 with code women20 (reg. $22).
  • i’m a sucker for a good forest-smelling candle.  we picked this one up at pike place market while we were in seattle.
  • i ordered where the crawdads sing approximately two days before reese witherspoon named it as her september book of the month.  i’m slowly getting through it (because, life), but i was hooked by owens’ lyrical prose by, like, page 8.  (i’ll try to share the exact passage that won me over soon!)
  • art of ice cream is coming to austin (just a short hour and a half drive from san antonio), so i have to go!  i’ll take any excuse to make myself sick with ice cream and all the sprinkles lol!
  • just signed up for the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas‘ annual Superhero 5k with my fam!  $5 off registration if you sign up Sept. 21-23 with cold FL18.
  • want.  //  need.

it’s friday!!

Riley looking handsome post-haircut. ❤️

one more week til our paralegal certification course is dunzo.  i’m counting down the hours til i submit that last exam and do a little happy dance that it. is. all. over!  i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, y’all, and it’s so bright and cheery and i think i see a glimpse of a sunny patio with ice cold margs on the horizon, lol.

y’all, it’s the little things that make me happy, and i just have to gush about this one thing that collin did for me this week.  i love this book, but my sister has been holding my copy hostage since before lucas was born (she’s a slow reader, lol).  so, collin quietly went onto amazon, and bought me a new copy.  brain on fire:  my month of madness is such a good read and susannah cahalan recounts her medical mystery in such a compelling way, i couldn’t put it down.  i recommend it over and over to anyone who will listen, and even purchased it as a gift for a my supervisor for christmas.  i’m super-grateful to him for gifting me a new copy to set on my bookshelf.  y’all know books and food and music are the way to my heart!

on the agenda for this weekend:  steaks, chocolate and wine, this documentary, and maybe a friendly game of scrabble? 😉  on saturday, corinne’s bff (who was casee’s bff in hs) is getting married.  and sunday we’ll be celebrating granny’s bday at beto’s!  be sure to follow along on instagram. 🙂

have a lovely weekend, babes!



my new fave tee:  it ain’t me babe via duck and dressing.

i have not been very good at posting lately.  i guess when you’re as busy as i’ve been lately, something is bound to fall off the plate, right?  it’s just, writing is my thing.  i want it to be a better thing.  i need it to be a better thing.  so i’m gonna have to work on doing more of this, yes?

we celebrated lucas’s first birthday on monday, and had his party last weekend.  he’s the cutest sweetie pie, with so much of his mother’s personality, it’s hilarious.  i can’t believe he’s already a year old, it feels like i just met him for the first time yesterday.  but i also can’t wait for him to start walking and talking!

also, melissa and i finally are taking a road trip together to new orleans in a few weeks!  i can’t wait.  it’s going to be so much fun!  it’s been 6 years since i’ve been back, can you believe that?  it blows my mind every time i think about it.  i’m sure so much has changed, but i’m really excited to go back to some of my fave places.

this weekend, i’ll be training (for the san antonio rock n roll half-marathon), going to the utsa game, and hitting up the gruene market days.  you know, just keeping busy.  😉

have a happy weekend, loves!



is it really the last weekend of summer?  down here in the lone star state you can hardly tell!  doesn’t mean i haven’t been rotating my fall pieces into my outfits already…so excited to get back to cozy knits, jeans, and booties.  i just bought this mossimo supply co. cardigan at target and have probably worn it every day of the week in my office – it’s my new favorite layering piece!  the guys keep it pretty chilly around here, so it’s come in great use!  of course, i’m still rocking crop tops and shorts on the weekends, sooooo…cooler weather can’t get here too soon.

that sweater wasn’t the only thing i bought this week.  i’ve been feeling a little down lately, a little bummed out the last few weeks, and pretty stressed on top of it all.  i’m going to try to put it all into words to share with y’all, but can i just say that liking someone who doesn’t like you back or isn’t ready to like you back, or not really meeting someone you click with and want to share your experiences with, or training again after a few months off from running – it can all put a little damper on your heart.  life’s tough, for sure, but i suppose i’m a little tougher so i’m not worried about getting through it all.  in the meantime – i did a whole lot of retail therapy, and i’m not too sure i’m done yet, lol.  oops!  can’t wait for all my cute new things to come in, though. 😉

this weekend i’ll be cheering on the utsa roadrunners with my family and working on a couple different projects, plus trying to get through this book.

hope y’all have a festive end-of-summer weekend, loves!


  • because i’m just ever-so-slightly excited for fall – the every girl’s 2017 fall bucket list.
  • i’ve told y’all that i started training for the san antonio rock n roll half-marathon.  this week was the first week of my official training plan, and i woke up 3 mornings this week to run with my dad.  of course twice he didn’t get up and i ended up running after work, once with melissa and once alone.  also this week a woman was sexually assaulted running a trail in one of the parks in san antonio.  so i’ve been very vocal on Facebook about the culture of female runners and this runner’s world article just said everything i think and feel and want others to know.
  • young colin firth is all the heart eye emojis.
  • turnpike troubadours just released yet another amazing new song.  i’m in love.
  • you better believe i’m making room in my closet for these adorable boots i found in junk gypsy‘s shop.



i’ve always loved these end of the week posts.  sometimes it’s just nice to have a spot to recap my week, or talk about the things i’m looking forward to in the upcoming weekend.  so, let’s keep doing this, yes?

here’s what i love about this summer…i’ve spent an inordinate amount of time outdoors, at the lake, river, or pool.  that has translated into me getting super-tan, like probably the darkest i have ever been.  consequently, this has allowed me to go without makeup…which is awesome.  i may not look my age, but my skin looks and feels great (as i’m writing this i’m starting to worry i might be tempting fate).  it has been hellishly hot here in san antonio, making it a little unpleasant to be outdoors if your not lounging beside some body of water, so i foresee a lot of this happening from here on out, until the end of the season.

we are at the tail-end of the paralegal certification course, which coincides with my family vacation to los angeles.  i have to admit, i’m quite excited to do touristy type things, without having to think about homework or quizzes or research.  it’ll be nice to read for fun and not feel guilty about not reading my textbook.  if you have suggestions for things to do and places to see in l.a., send them my way!