the one you’ll never have [excerpts from a book i’ll never write – fourteen].

i want to tell him that i think he’s handsome and a handful and that i’m probably already half-drunk in love with him, but i don’t.

and in this one thing, the fear wins and it consumes me.  because to do so, to lay all my feelings bare, would be to drop a million walls, and wage a losing war, already knowing that he cannot feel the same.

excerpts from a book i’ll never write – thirteen.

i’ll never break your heart.

it was never mine to break.

but your voice is in the back of my head, your shadow on the walls i’ve built.

unrequited love is quite unfair and you leave me hoping i’ll never see your sad eyes again. ┬ásad even when you smiled because we never knew a thing about happiness.

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