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i started roller coaster rides in the fall of 2007, while i was a senior in college about 2000 miles away from home and my incredibly close family.  my intent was to give them a glimpse into my day-to-day life, while also giving myself a place to write and share memories as i transitioned from a know-it-all college student to a young adult just trying to figure it all out.

[find the original roller coaster rides here.]

the blog has evolved over the last ten years, as i’ve gone through about a million crazy and at times unbelievable changes.  i’ve shared graduations, concerts, vacations, moves, and heartbreaks with y’all.  i’m sure i’ve made y’all laugh at some of my crazier moments, and maybe you’ve even cried with me in some of my sadder ones.  but one thing has always remained the same – i’ve always turned to writing as a source of coping and carrying on.

so here we are.  ten years of blogging under my belt, and a new home for my words.  you may see less of the personal posts (although my heartbreak has always been my best source of inspiration), and more free-writing, as well as a travel post here and there.  and i’m sure this space will evolve, just as the last one did.  that’s the whole point of living, isn’t it?

image:  Rae Vision Photography