the first end.

you guys.

my first semester of law school is almost over. (thank goodness)

i have learned so much this semester, both in class, and just in general about myself as a law student, who also works full-time, and attempts to make it to the gym once or twice a week lol. it’s been soooooo rough, and i can’t wait for this four week break we have coming up.

i have to say i’m worn out. like, i’ve definitely pushed myself hard before, but not to this extent, and i’m feeling the burnout this time around. it’s ok, though. i know it’ll get easier once this first year is done, and i just have to get through it! one semester at a time – and currently one semester down, three to go for the 1L year.

it’s also making it really hard to get into the holiday spirit! there is some part of me that wants to decorate and start looking at gift guides and all that, but i keep telling myself to get through these last couple of weeks first, AND then bring the holiday in lol. i probably will do a little decorating next weekend (after thanksgiving), but my first final (exam, my one final paper is due the wednesday before thanksgiving) is the following monday night!

ok, enough blabbering on about how hard it all is, how tired i am, and how much i want this semester to be over haha. truthfully, i’m so glad that i decided to take a leap of faith on myself and apply to law school. i think it was about damn time i took a little chance on myself. and of course i’ll say this about a million times, i couldn’t do it without the support of my parents. they always help me in my times of need like no other, and make sure i’m taking care of me too. just the luckiest to have them as my parents, like for real.

so wish me luck guys! i’m gonna be buckling down these next two weeks til my last exam on december 5, and then on december 6 i’m giving myself a little break from everything and taking the day off from work. i cannot wait to hang out with my mom and lucas for a day (and i guess corinne too since that’s her normal day off i think lol). that’s the light at the end of the tunnel for me. that and holiday movies on hallmark, haha.

i know i say this ALL THE TIME, but i really hope to start writing more often again once the semester is over. there might be a lot more free-writes making their way to y’all, because i feel like that’s all i know how to do anymore besides briefing cases. but that’s ok, i hear from other writers that sitting and writing for a half hour a day, or trying to get to 500 words a day is good for the soul. so hopefully i can manage that! 🙂

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