monday motivation.

burning the candle at both ends lately, but y’all, it’s so good.

i know you’re not typically supposed to be this hard on yourself, that you’re supposed to give yourself time to rest and relax and recharge, but i fully believe in the fullness of life. that each moment is a moment meant to be lived in whatever way you deem appropriate.

for me this past weekend, that meant a lot of naps (ok, my body also was screaming at me that i needed them), some time spent outside, some time spent sitting on the floor of my nephew’s playroom, drinking a coors light and talking to my sister, spent some time on the couch watching duck tales with collin, and lots of “brain breaks” as i studied. i actually spent a lot of my study time this weekend doing 30-40 min increments, with 5-10 min breaks. not because i understand the material better that way, but moreso because i struggle with focus. i tried to fit as many chores as possible in between studying too, for longer breaks.

i do think we get so caught up in doing it all, that we forget that “all” includes taking time for ourselves too. and we get so obsessed with the concept of time that we forget that we have to actually live our lives, not just work ourselves to the bone to get to our perceived “best life”.

anyway, i hope you have a great, productive, well-lived week, babes.

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