it’s friday!

y’all! four weeks in, and i’m still truckin’ along! i was a bit more tired this week, so i’ve decided this weekend will be all about getting ahead in my work so I can attempt to sleep normal hours during the week. we’ll see how that goes…the procrastinator in me runs pretty deep.

i did (hopefully) talk collin into a pizza date, so i’m really looking forward to that. y’know. the little things. i’m also on a mission to find some cheap planters because a couple of my plant-babies need new (larger) homes.

can i just tell y’all, what a difference an organized room makes in my life? we reorganized the office last weekend, so i can use it to study in (it’s much quieter in there than at the dining table) and it looks SO. GOOD. i’m dreaming of more plant babies to put in there (it gets a lot of sunlight), and possibly an armchair to read in comfortably (if we can get rid of the larger desk neither of us uses that takes up the majority of the space). also vacillating on whether the room needs a rug…hmm. decisions.

i really hope that this friday the 13th/full moon situation today flips my luck with my car. so far this month i’ve had to deal with replacing a headlight (which btw i can’t do because my sister had a light kit installed when she owned the car, and idk what to do with it!), replacing my windshield wipers (who knew the lock could break off, and the wiper could slide off?), and repairing a nail in the tire i literally just replaced in july. like, what? pretty sure this car is cursed, or hates me.

i hope you have a happy, restful weekend, loves!

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