it’s friday!

two weeks of law classes down, and, y’all…i can’t believe i didn’t do this before.

i don’t think i’ve ever in my life felt more like i was where i was supposed to be. it’s hard, don’t get me wrong. lordt, is it hard. but i have loved every single minute of it so far (well, maybe not the parts where i have to leave work early to go to meetings on campus, but that’s not an every week kinda thing, so i’ll get over it). i’m slowly settling into a routine, and learning so much about myself as a student again.

i finally made it to the gym wednesday morning. it sucks that i have to get up so early to fit my workouts in, but i don’t want to go without them. i’ll definitely take advantage of the treadmills at the school gym when it’s time to train for the half-marathon, but i still intend to get my weight training in at MixFit. even if it means i have to get up before 5 am 😫.

anyway, we have a long weekend (thank goodness) and i don’t have much planned (thank goodness again) besides studying and catching up on sleep. i hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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