keep on, keepin’ on.

they say “misery loves company.” well, guess-fucking-what, y’all? while i can see that a miserable person would seek out to make others around them miserable, i also think that you have a choice to allow someone else’s misery to have an affect on your own happiness.

the key here is…you. only you have the power to determine whether you have a good day or bad day. are some things out of your control? yes. of course they are. humans are…well, human. they make decisions that are sometimes shitty and effect you. but you can choose to dwell on someone else’s crap day or you can just take a deep breath (or several) and move on. woosa.

i’ve had some down days, some hard days, some days when i just wanted to dial it in, but in the grand scheme of things, i’ve always known that when i’m going through something hard i’ll get through it. how can i know this you ask? well, because i have gotten through it. i’ve gotten through hard things. and maybe they weren’t the hardest things comparatively, but in my life, they were pretty hard. and yet here i am, living and breathing and writing to you about how you can get through it all.

so, trust that that miserable person who is sending miserable vibes your way, is probably going to get over it in time. and trust that you can overcome their negativity, and keep on, keepin’ on.

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