it’s friday!

i couldn’t let 2019 start without a proper “it’s friday” post, could i!?

well, i guess considering i haven’t done one since october, i probably could’ve gotten away with it…but new year, new attempt to make my way to this space more often…!?

this first week of 2019 can only be characterized one way. tiring. i’m still tired from 2018, y’all! i’m sure we all are, a little exhausted from the holidays. last night i fell asleep at 9:30! i’m hoping once i get back into my workout routine (which was put on hold thanks to being sick for 2 weeks) that i’ll have energy again.

do y’all have any fun plans for the first weekend of the year? i’m looking forward to making menudo with my grandma at my parent’s house tomorrow. grandma makes a big batch of menudo at the beginning of every year, and for the last couple of years she’s tried to teach my mom and i, but i haven’t retained any of her lessons. this year, i’m going to make more of a concentrated effort to remember the recipe and instructions.

other than that, i think we’ll have a fairly quiet weekend. maybe watch a few more episodes of the man in the high castle (is anyone else watching this? collin and i are obsessed!), get some reading in, and our normal chores and meal prep. nothing too crazy.

have a well-fed, recharging weekend, babes.


  • what i’m currently reading: belzhar by meg wolitzer. i feel like i found this book recommendation on somebody else’s blog, but i cannot for the life of me remember whose it was!
  • obsessed with this song right now: heart’s having a hard time by filmore.
  • the haunting last letters of sylvia plath. pretty sure y’all know i’m a plath fan, so i need to scoop up (and add to my reading list) volumes one & two of her massive correspondence. also, her journals.
  • looking for bathroom decor inspiration and stumbled across this blog post with so many perfect little details. i’m a little bit obsessed with everything decor right now, since we decorated the house for christmas, and now we’re taking everything down, i’m inspired to add more personal touches to our rental in the places that ordinarily get neglected (ie., our spare bathroom).
  • want. // need.

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