Plans for the new year:

to go in hand with my 2018 post – i also had no plans for resolutions. i can only resolve to be a better version of myself, every. single. day. and so here’s a list of things that i think will help me accomplish that goal.

  1. Write more. Determined to give myself 30 minutes of free writing a day
  2. Read more. Two (or more) books a month. Book list coming soon!
  3. Walk with Collin and Riley more. We have so much land to explore, I definitely want to take more advantage of it.
  4. Knock off 11 more minutes from my half-marathon PR. I already shaved off 4 minutes from 2017 to 2018.
  5. Really just have a better workout plan. I use the BBG app sporadically, and Collin and I try to make it to the park most nights (although not lately since we’ve both been sick, and I had some family in the hospital – it was hard to keep up).
  6. Make more of an effort to see my friends. It’s been a lonely time in San Antonio for me. Not that I take Collin or my family for granted, but I miss happy hours with Melissa, and I’ve really been missing my girlfriends from college. Two of them live within driving distance, so I really have no excuse not to see them! Plus, I really want them to meet Collin.
  7. Stop being so hard on myself. I’m my harshest critic. I even criticize myself for other people! I spent a good part of the last year feeling like I was failing and flailing, but truthfully I was just adjusting to being in a relationship, and moving in with Collin, and figuring out how to move forward in my career. I have to make a concentrated effort to breathe (which, being active really helps me with!).
  8. To go hand-in-hand with being kinder to myself, I also need to work on trying not to do it all. I’ve really run myself ragged some months, trying not to let anyone down, or overwhelming myself with stress, and it affected my relationships with other people, and myself. I’m still not one for binge-watching Netflix all day, but taking a few hours a week to just sit and be still is one of my priorities for this year.
  9. Financial responsibility. I’ve been sitting on my retirement from working for the state for too long, and really need to transfer it to my bank. Also, just set up a better method for keeping my emergency savings, travel savings, gift savings, etc., because sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all.
  10. Spend more time with my grandparents! At the end of 2018, both of my grandmothers were sick, my Mom was in the hospital, and then I was sick for two weeks. It really put things into perspective for me, as far as how little time we have with our loved ones, and how important it is to take care of ourselves, and each other.

Bonus: Go on a trip with Collin. So far we’ve traveled with my family, Melissa & her bf, and his Mom, but we haven’t really gone somewhere new, just the two of us.

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