it’s friday!!!

i’m so glad it’s friday, y’all.  the last few days have been emotionally taxing.  i don’t think i can sit one more day calmly in front of my computer screen.

i think i’m having a really hard time with everything going on in the public sphere because there are certain people in my life whom i love and respect, who don’t understand where i’m coming from, why i wouldn’t want someone like kavanaugh to serve on the supreme court, why i wouldn’t want someone like 45 to be our current president, why that’s what i’m more concerned with than how pervasive dishonesty and greed is throughout the ranks of those highest in power in our government.

truth is, i’m a woman.  i’m a woman with brown skin.  i’m a woman with brown skin and a spanish last name.  who lives in a very red state.  and i’m afraid for our future.  i’m afraid for my children’s future.

i’m afraid that civility and respect are out the window.  i’m pained that other people of color have to constantly live in fear of their lives.  i think i may have been racially profiled the other day, and it was a harrowing, eye opening experience.  one i laughed about with my family later, but i realized that i finally experienced what immigrants may go through in their every day lives.  and if i wasn’t racially profiled, then i was probably sexually harassed by a man who, by nature of his job, has more power than i do.

i’m afraid that those people i mentioned earlier and i no longer have common ground.  i still love and respect them, but i’ve forgotten how to talk to them.  i want to save the world, and protect the underprivileged and oppressed, and show up for them every single day, and i want those people next to me when i do it.  but they aren’t.

it’s a shock to my core.  and my perception of my world.

i’m hoping to recharge this weekend.  and find a little joy in the upcoming fall season, fall decor, fall fashion.  we have football on the agenda, and i think i’m going to have to make my favorite chili recipe.

i hope you have a happy, safe, recharging weekend, loves.


  • amaretto sours used to be my drink of choice my senior year of college (thought i was so cool and elevated upgrading from a jack & coke, hahaha).  might need to try out this recipe with the holiday season coming quickly upon us.
  • because we all know i’m obsessed with crime dramas, i had to check out this list of “the best crime dramas to watch on netflix” from the everygirl.  i’ve seen about half of them, and am currently adding the other half to my queue, now.
  • so inspired by all the fall decor out there!  it doesn’t feel very much like fall outside, but it would be nice to at least make our house look like it does!  i especially love how alyson haley used leopard print and warm colors to make her home feel more cozy!
  • i’ve been hardcore looking for latina bloggers in san antonio to follow, because while i love each and every one of the accounts i currently follow, i still want to see fashion and stories from women who look like me, and live where i live (or at least in close proximity).  🙂  so, if you know of any, please send them my way in the comments below!
  • want.  //  need.

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