everyday magic

the best parts of my weekend consisted of spending the day with both of my sisters on saturday, and then helping my parents build their deck on sunday.  and sleeping twelve hours on saturday night, after a long day at the helotes marketplace.

it would be easy to gripe about my long weekend, to complain that i never have time to myself or i’m always on the go.  that’s a life i enjoy, being in constant motion, so to complain about it would be hypocritical.  so when a little bit of that crankiness from not having time to relax began to settle in, i rerouted my thoughts and remembered how happy, how content, how focused i was in the moments i spent with my family, working towards a common goal.

it’s so important to find the magic in every day life.  there’s so much out there right now that can get us down, and it feels like we’re all moving at the speed of light.  it’s hard to see the stars shinin’ under the storm brewin’ sometimes.

but y’all, the magic is always there.  sometimes you just gotta look for it, sometimes you gotta make it yourself.

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