what i’m listening to: ryan kinder – still believe in crazy love.

i’m a little obsessed with this song.  i love it’s message.  things might not always work out the way you planned, or how you wanted them to, but that shouldn’t change your heart.

i’ve had really crappy relationships with guys who were great in the beginning, but at some point we became incompatible, and things didn’t always end peacefully.  there are days that i still feel incredibly broken over the last relationship that didn’t work out. there are days that i worry i might not ever find the love that i need.  not need like oxygen to breathe, but need like a partner who gets me and doesn’t try to change who i am.  it’s easy to get caught up on the things that go wrong, or the situations that don’t work out, or the people we miss, but i find that at the end of the day i still have this well of hope in my gut and in my “soul” ( i still need to find a better word for that).

i think i’ve replaced my last relationship with “crazy love” for myself and the life i’m building, and so what i “need” is a person that i can share that with, and who would want to share the same with me.  make sense?  i don’t know, i may be rambling now, lol.

my point is, just because i’m not where i thought i would be at 31, it doesn’t change the fact that i still believe in love.  i still believe in a life where i have a partner, and a family, and we build a legacy together.  despite knowing that life has a tendency to take all kinds of twists and turns, and there are so many things that are out of our control.  i still believe in crazy love.

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