is it really the last weekend of summer?  down here in the lone star state you can hardly tell!  doesn’t mean i haven’t been rotating my fall pieces into my outfits already…so excited to get back to cozy knits, jeans, and booties.  i just bought this mossimo supply co. cardigan at target and have probably worn it every day of the week in my office – it’s my new favorite layering piece!  the guys keep it pretty chilly around here, so it’s come in great use!  of course, i’m still rocking crop tops and shorts on the weekends, sooooo…cooler weather can’t get here too soon.

that sweater wasn’t the only thing i bought this week.  i’ve been feeling a little down lately, a little bummed out the last few weeks, and pretty stressed on top of it all.  i’m going to try to put it all into words to share with y’all, but can i just say that liking someone who doesn’t like you back or isn’t ready to like you back, or not really meeting someone you click with and want to share your experiences with, or training again after a few months off from running – it can all put a little damper on your heart.  life’s tough, for sure, but i suppose i’m a little tougher so i’m not worried about getting through it all.  in the meantime – i did a whole lot of retail therapy, and i’m not too sure i’m done yet, lol.  oops!  can’t wait for all my cute new things to come in, though. 😉

this weekend i’ll be cheering on the utsa roadrunners with my family and working on a couple different projects, plus trying to get through this book.

hope y’all have a festive end-of-summer weekend, loves!


  • because i’m just ever-so-slightly excited for fall – the every girl’s 2017 fall bucket list.
  • i’ve told y’all that i started training for the san antonio rock n roll half-marathon.  this week was the first week of my official training plan, and i woke up 3 mornings this week to run with my dad.  of course twice he didn’t get up and i ended up running after work, once with melissa and once alone.  also this week a woman was sexually assaulted running a trail in one of the parks in san antonio.  so i’ve been very vocal on Facebook about the culture of female runners and this runner’s world article just said everything i think and feel and want others to know.
  • young colin firth is all the heart eye emojis.
  • turnpike troubadours just released yet another amazing new song.  i’m in love.
  • you better believe i’m making room in my closet for these adorable boots i found in junk gypsy‘s shop.

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