early morning run with my dad this morning.  two miles in the dark (the sun hadn’t come up yet).  just enough to soothe my soul and clear my mind.  just enough to get me started as i get back to training for the half-marathon one of my bffs (jenna) and i are going to run in december.  i officially start training next week, but i haven’t been running much (at all?  i can’t even remember the last time i ran consistently) this summer so last weekend dad and i started back up, just to get our legs moving again.  it always shocks me how much running makes me feel like a new person when i get back to it after a long break.  it’s just one of those things, i guess.  y’know, the kind we take for granted and have to walk away from to remember how much we enjoy and need it in our lives?

anyway, wish me luck as i train, y’all.  i have a lot of small, accomplishable goals set for this marathon, so i’m gonna need as much good vibes as i can get!

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