texas, my texas.

Photo from a family trip to Port Aransas a few years ago.

y’all know by now that i was born and raised in san antonio, texas.  even though i spent a few years away and even though i’ve always been a little bit of a nomad, texas has always been my home.  i’ve always known that this is where i’d plant my roots – even if i continue to wander to other places, i’ll always come back here.

for years my family has traveled south to the gulf coast for family vacations.  we’d stay in rockport a couple of times a summer with each side of our family until we started playing softball year-round and on club teams, and then we would try to make it out late in the summer season for a girls trip with our grandma.  once we got older we started making trips to rockport and port aransas on our own, with friends.  just this past summer we rented a gorgeous brand new home in rockport for my birthday, and spent a few hours on the beach in port aransas.  the gulf coast has always felt like our home away from home.

as many of you already know, hurricane harvey caused some pretty devastating damage this past weekend.  it ravaged rockport and port aransas as well as a few other coastal cities, and caused major flooding in houston.  many people and animals are without their homes, without their belongings, without basic necessities, and it breaks my heart.  sometimes we get so caught up in our lives, we forget what a privilege it is to be able to take a hot shower every morning, eat a hot breakfast, even brush our teeth.

i have been absolutely touched by the amount of people who have stepped up and helped rescue those affected by the flooding in houston, or have taken donations down to the coast.  it really shouldn’t surprise me that my fellow texans would drop whatever they were doing to help their neighbors, because that truly is our way of life down here.  it just brings so much joy to my heart after the events of the last few weeks.  as one reporter put it, texans may need help, but we’re not helpless.  (let me know if you know who said that, because i cannot for the life of me remember where i heard it!)

also, if y’all could please send a little love out into the world for our first responders, that would be great!  they are kicking butt rescuing people from their homes, but we shouldn’t forget that they do so at the cost of leaving their own homes and families behind.

if you are interested in helping out any victims of the damage caused by hurricane harvey, here are a few resources i keep coming across:

The Texas Diaper Bank is accepting monetary and diaper donations.  Not all emergency shelters are able to provide diapers and other infant necessities, so this one can be very helpful for families with small children in need.

You can text ‘Harvey’ to 90999, call 1-800-RED CROSS, or visit the American Red Cross online to make a minimum $10 donation.

San Antonio Pets Alive, the Animal Defense League of Texas, and the San Antonio Humane Society are each accepting donations, and are looking for volunteers to foster animals.

You can make a donation to The Salvation Army.

Jensen Ackles has started a fundraiser with some of his Supernatural castmates.

J.J. Watt is also organizing a fundraiser.

the list goes on and on, y’all!  you can also volunteer with several of these organizations, or just spread the word if you can’t make a monetary donation, and don’t have the time or resources to volunteer!

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