i took a break from actively pursuing happiness this weekend, and chose instead to stay hunkered down at home with my family, waiting out what we thought would be an epic storm resulting in flooding in our hometown.  luckily san antonio remained unscathed, though we are still wary about flooding later this week, but a little farther south, our fellow texans suffered some devastating damage and loss (more on that in a later post).

i meant to get some things done this weekend, once i realized i’d be spending it at home, but eventually decided to just relax and recharge (much-needed).  i ended up binge watching netflix with my sisters, finishing the last season of the ranch (totally my kind of humor – i never stop laughing), riverdale (i grew up reading archie comics!), and coming one episode shy of finishing 13 reasons why.  i even fell asleep to one of my favorite movies (soon to be removed from netflix) last night.

this was exactly the weekend i needed.  remember last week when i said i needed to take some time to just breathe?  that’s what i did while i stayed in, and it was amazing.  there’s still a weird mood resting in my bones, but i embraced my free time, reveled in my happiness, and now feel ready to take on the next few hectic months.

don’t forget to just be happy in the moment, y’all!

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