letters to my future love.

i just want to be the person you think of at 5 pm, as you’re leaving work and looking for your next adventure.

call me darling in the mornings.  “get your ass up and out of bed, darling.  it’s time to start your day.”  ‘babe’ will suffice for all further daily interactions.  my first name only when your cross with me.  or i’m engulfed in a book and haven’t heard you speaking to me for the last ten minutes.  i suppose it would be appropriate then.

dance with me, even if you don’t know how to.  i’ll teach you, i promise.  but if i can’t refuse the urge to move when a good song comes on, how could you not be moved by that, as well?  as harry connick jr.’s character says in one of my favorite movies, “a dance is just a conversation between two people.” (it’s hope floats, by the way – be prepared to watch it often.)

and always, always choose those extra few moments on sunday mornings curled up beneath the covers with me – it’ll make all the difference.

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