hope.  it keeps us young.  it reminds us of christmas eve’s spent not able to sleep for want of catching santa, or that first crush that resulted in a first kiss that stole our breath away, or the anticipation of opening an acceptance letter from our first choice university.

hope is the one thing we can never have enough of.  it’s the only thing we can hold on to, when all else has failed, the universe has failed us, love has failed us…

without hope, we’d forget that the sun rises on a new day tomorrow and that true love is worth waiting for and that we need to put in the work to achieve the dreams that come at the darkest hours of our nights.

hope keeps me waiting for you, to show up, love in your eyes and adventure in your heart, ready to dance every night away with me.

don’t let hope go, y’all.  hold on to it with every inch of your eternal being, because hope will last long after we’re gone, and will carry on in the legacies we leave behind.

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