i’ve always loved these end of the week posts.  sometimes it’s just nice to have a spot to recap my week, or talk about the things i’m looking forward to in the upcoming weekend.  so, let’s keep doing this, yes?

here’s what i love about this summer…i’ve spent an inordinate amount of time outdoors, at the lake, river, or pool.  that has translated into me getting super-tan, like probably the darkest i have ever been.  consequently, this has allowed me to go without makeup…which is awesome.  i may not look my age, but my skin looks and feels great (as i’m writing this i’m starting to worry i might be tempting fate).  it has been hellishly hot here in san antonio, making it a little unpleasant to be outdoors if your not lounging beside some body of water, so i foresee a lot of this happening from here on out, until the end of the season.

we are at the tail-end of the paralegal certification course, which coincides with my family vacation to los angeles.  i have to admit, i’m quite excited to do touristy type things, without having to think about homework or quizzes or research.  it’ll be nice to read for fun and not feel guilty about not reading my textbook.  if you have suggestions for things to do and places to see in l.a., send them my way!


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