there’s a line in a taylor swift song that i love; it goes, “nothing safe is worth the drive,” (“treacherous”) and how true is that?

i learned the hard way that you can’t take the easy route if you’re ever going to get close enough to your dreams.  it just doesn’t happen that way.  my regrets are few, but almost all are of the chances i didn’t take.  which is funny, because the women whom i admire most, are all ball-busters, adventure-seekers, unapologetically glass ceiling shatterers.

it took a few months for me to recoup from last year’s eye-opening disaster of a break-up.  a few months to find a new job and start to feel like a person again.  a few months to grasp my self-esteem as tightly as i could and weave it back into my heart and soul again.  i’m not that great at the stitches, so it’s still a little loose, but not completely lost.

the pain and dejection i endured and then shed in those months of healing awakened the survivalist in me.  this will not be it, i decided.  this will not be the end of my story, the moment i become a hollowed out version of myself, never fulfilling my goals, achieving my full potential, going through the motions like a zombie, always hungry, but never well-fed.

so i drive.  i set myself behind the wheel, and i follow the road as it calls to me.  remember, we aren’t meant to take the same path, so we have to become great listeners to our hearts.  we have to fight, babes, to hear it over the din of social media and expectations.  we’ll get there, just have faith in your battle.

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