it’s not a race.


via @createthelove.

so much millennial “yaaaassss”.  the amount of times I’ve heard, “you’re not getting any younger,” just boggles my mind. nobody is getting any younger, this is a scientific fact.  we may be the same species, but as individuals we’re incredibly different.  shit, just in my own household, my sisters and i were raised by the same two parents, and we’re incredibly different, which makes our sisterhood that much more unique.

when we learn to embrace what is different about us, what sets us apart from others, and follow our own paths on our own time, that’s called living babes.  also, we don’t have the right to judge any one’s path, and most of us are well-aware that we haven’t reached society’s preconceived milestones without anyone reminding us.  so don’t worry that you haven’t achieved all your goals, yet.  and don’t think twice about starting over if it feels right.  i know so many successful people who changed career paths, after they were already established in a career!  engineers who became medical doctors.  english teachers who became attorneys.  we are a species who constantly evolves, which means the person you are today, may not be the same as the person you will be in ten years.

embrace that.  let it guide you to do hard things, scary things, because nothing is ever going to be the same as it is in this moment.

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