a place to live.

ten years ago i started a little blog to share memories and experiences with my family and closest friends.  over time that blog grew, and became a safe place for me to write about my thoughts, happy memories, and heartbreaks.  but as we get older, we change, we crave new spaces and memories and experiences, and we tend to shed the ones we had before.  there came a point in the last year where i realized that i wanted to put distance between me and some of the heartaches i shared on the original roller coaster rides, but it was hard to do that without completely starting fresh.  so i finally bit the bullet, and decided to move on to a new site, a new platform, a new space for new memories and adventures.  there will always be a link to the original roller coaster rides, so that you may look back if you’d like (and so may i), but i’m hoping that this new and improved roller coaster rides gives me the space i need to breathe and evolve.  for those of you who have been with me over the years, thank you for following my journey here.  and for those of you who are new to roller coaster rides, from the bottom of my heart, welcome and thank you for joining me on this crazy ride.

for a little more about me and roller coaster rides, you can click the about link above.

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